Researchers Claim They Found Method to Make Morphine without Growing Opium Poppies

An international team of researchers on Monday reported that they have found the process to make morphine and similar painkillers without growing opium poppies.

The team during their study engineered brewer’s yeast to synthesize opioids such as codeine and morphine from a common sugar.... read more

UC Berkeley researchers develop app for parasite detection

UC Berkeley researchers have developed a microscope which can use the camera in the cellphone to detect parasites in blood. The device termed as CellScope works with smartphone camera and an app which can tell if the blood has parasites.

The test takes around two minutes and is almost as... read more

Exposure to PFCs may be bad for Health

Many international scientists have authored the 'Madrid Statement', their take on the potential health and environmental dangers of certain chemicals used in almost everything from pizza boxes to outdoor clothing, carpets and furniture.

They published the statement in the journal... read more

UC president to examine non-California students’ enrollment levels

University of California (UC) System President Janet Napolitano announced on Tuesday that she would examine the controversial issue of high enrollment levels of non-California students at nine undergraduate UC campuses.

The issue of whether some of the campuses, particularly UCLA and UC... read more

Colorado Buffaloes fall to California Golden Bears in second overtime

The Colorado Buffaloes fell to the California Golden Bears 59-56 at Memorial Stadium in Berkeley, California, Saturday afternoon.

After coming out of the gates, the Colorado Buffaloes were looking quite fervent. The team's quarterback Sefo Liufau hit tight end Sean Irwin up the field for... read more

Berkeley City Council mandates free medical marijuana for low-income patients

The Berkeley City Council in California has unanimously approved the controversial new welfare program that would make it compulsory for medical marijuana dispensaries to donate a percentage of their supply to low-income people who qualify to use the drug as a medicine.

Under the welfare... read more

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