Elon Musk has sued Alameda County over COVID-19 lockdown

Tesla founder and technology billionaire Elon Musk has been sharing his radical views about the way governments have been dealing with coronavirus pandemic. Musk has repeatedly ignored the warnings of health experts and was downplaying the risk associated with COVID-19 outbreak. As California... read more

Aerial Imaging allows In-depth Individual Tree-level Analysis in California

Researchers use satellite data and laser-imaging technology to demonstrate the dramatic effects of ongoing drought in California. More than 888 million Californian trees have faced devastating impacts of drought--related water losses since 2011, according to a study published in Proceedings of... read more

UCLA engineers create super-strong, lightweight metal

Engineers at the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) are hopeful that a super-strong, lightweight material created by them will revolutionize the automotive and airline industries.

The team created the new metal by using a blend of ceramic silicon carbide nanoparticles and... read more

UCLA Research team develops Strong Metal using Ceramic Silicon Carbide Nanoparticles

UCLA researchers have developed a new metal by combining magnesium and ceramic silicon carbide nanoparticles which has record-breaking strength to weight ratio. The lightweight metal has extremely high specific strength and modulus. It can be used as light structural metal. Structural metals are... read more

Arnold Doesn’t Care If No One Agrees With Him on Climate Change

Arnold Schwarzenegger, in the beginning of this month, posted an open letter raising several questions to deniers of climate change. He even said that he doesn’t care if anyone agrees or disagrees with him on climate change.

The famous philanthropist and former California governor has... read more

Dungeness Crab Season Delay Spoils Christmas

The Dungeness crab season in California will be postponed, ruling out any Dungeness crab for Christmas. This delay in the availability of the regional delicacy has spoiled the festival for a lot of people in the Bay Area. It will also adversely affect the financials of several fishermen,... read more

California regulators reject utilities’ demand for changes in solar net energy metering

In what is being seen as a setback for California’s utility companies, the state regulators have decided a status quo on the system dubbed ‘net energy metering’ that pays solar homeowners for the excess electricity used by them.

The development is being seen as a victory of sorts for the... read more

There is no locally caught crab on the menu in California

In California, you won’t see any locally caught crab on the menu as it warned earlier this year that these crustaceans must not be consumed. This is because they could contain high levels of a strong chemical that fills the nervous system with poison.

The chemical could result into death... read more

Ford to start testing its self-driving cars on California roads in January

Bigwig automaker Ford is set to join the growing number of car companies that are fielding their self-driving vehicles on the US West Coast. The Detroit-based auto giant will start testing its self-driving Ford Fusion Hybrid sedans on California roads from January 2016.

Ford has received... read more

-Easiest Way to Reduce Effects of Stress Is To Help Others: Study

A new study by researchers from School of Medicine of Yale University and University of California Los Angeles suggested an easiest and interesting way to relieve oneself of the unnecessary pressure.

The study researchers said that being kind and good to others is the best possible method... read more

Study says Sea Lions exposed to Toxic Algae are suffering from Brain Damage

Toxic algae put sea lions in a serious trouble. A new study published in journal Science has reported that the sea mammal is increasingly exposed to a neurotoxin that is causing brain damage.

The neurotoxin is hurting sea lions’ spatial memory and making them prone to getting confused... read more

California Attorney General Kamala Harris gives conditional approval for largest nonprofit hospital transaction in state history

Long months of uncertainty have come to an end as California Attorney General Kamala Harris, late on Thursday, gave her conditional consent for the biggest nonprofit hospital transaction in history of the state. The transaction was the first one that involved a hedge fund.

Under the... read more


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