Google announces update to Chromecast Audio dongle

In a recent announcement tech giant Google has revealed that its $35 Chromecast Audio dongle is being updated to add support for high-resolution radio and synchronized multi-room audio.

Chromecast Audio is a new audio-only version of Google’s Chromecast content-streaming dongle. The new... read more

T-Mobile announces 12-month worth of free Hulu for ‘switchers’ from Verizon

US wireless carrier T-Mobile has revealed in a recently released press note that it will offer one full year’s worth of free Hulu service to new customers switching over from its bigger rival, Verizon.

The announcement made by T-Mobile underscores one of the carrier’s latest holiday gifts... read more

Google updates Drive to make file searches easier and faster

On Wednesday, tech biggie Google announced its latest update to Google Drive cloud storage service, to make it “super easy” and much faster for users of the service to find their files. The update will be rolled out to the Android and iOS platforms, and the Web, in the coming weeks.

... read more

Small new wireless temperature sensor can recharge using radio waves

Researchers at the Eindhoven University of Technology in the Netherlands have developed a new, wireless microscopic temperature sensor which has the capability to draw power from a wireless network in close proximity.

The new wireless temperature sensor weighs barely 1.6 milligrams, and... read more

Apple will likely unveil Apple Watch 2 and new 4-inch iPhone in March 2016

According to a 9to5Mac report released on Tuesday, tech biggie Apple will likely hold a media event in March 2016 to announce its second-generation Apple watch smartwatch; and probably even a smaller, 4-inch iPhone.

Going by the 9to5Mac report, based on the information shared by... read more

Mozilla to stop offering Firefox OS-powered smartphones through operators

Online publication TechCrunch has revealed in a Tuesday report that Mozilla will stop offering Firefox OS smartphones through operators. TechCrunch said that the reported move was recently announced by Mozilla at its Mozlando developer event in Orlando.

TechCrunch also said that Mozilla’s... read more

CR survey: Apple’s MacBook Air is the most reliable laptop on the market

According to the findings of a new survey carried out by Consumer Reports (CR), tech giant Apple’s MacBook Air laptop is the most reliable notebook currently available on the market.

The results of the latest CR survey are based on the responses of nearly 60,000 US consumers who purchased... read more

Microsoft Edge browser's Chakra JavaScript engine to go open-source

Microsoft has revealed in a recent blog post that the Chakra JavaScript engine of its new Edge web browser will be opened up as an open-source project on GitHub in January 2016.

According to the blog post, the key components of Chakra JavaScript engine used for the Microsoft Edge browser... read more

GoPro slashes the cost of Hero4 Session camera to $199

In a price-cut move which comes in time for the holiday shopping season, GoPro has announced that it has reduced the cost of its small, cube-shaped Hero4 Session camera to just $199.

The Hero4 Session camera, which is capable of shooting videos in extreme conditions, was launched by GoPro... read more

Production of ‘TAG Heuer Connected’ being increased to meet demand

According to a recent disclosure by TAG Heuer CEO Jean-Claude Biver, the production of the ‘TAG Heuer Connected’ smartwatch is being increased, to meet demand from retailers. The Android Wear-powered luxury smartwatch, priced at $1,500, was launched by TAG Heuer one month back.

Going by... read more

Twitch launches its app for Android TV

On Thursday, Twitch live-streaming video service for gamers announced the launch of its app for Google’s Android TV device.

The announcement of the launch of the new Twitch app for Android TV implies that the site’s video game streaming experience will now be available for the big screen... read more

OnePlus officially makes OnePlus 2 handset “invite-free…forever”

In an announcement made via a recent forum post, Chinese device manufacturer OnePlus said that it is officially dropping the ‘invite’ requirement for its current flagship handset, OnePlus 2, with effect from December 5, 2015. The move announced by OnePlus comes in coincidence with the company’s... read more


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