Microsoft CEO encourages employees to ‘reinvent productivity’

In a lengthy memo sent out to the Microsoft employees, CEO Satya Nadella gave out a clear message that he wants the company's staff to 'reinvent productivity.' Nadella also said in the memo that he is looking at evolving Microsoft's culture; with 'obsession' about the company's customers to be... read more

Microsoft: Next-generation console momentum is shifting to Xbox One

Microsoft's UK marketing boss for Xbox, Harvey Eagle, has recently told CVG that the next-generation console momentum is shifting towards the company's Xbox One gaming console.

The statement by Eagle has come against the backdrop of the fact that Sony's new-generation console PlayStation... read more

Launch of Orbital 2 Commercial Resupply Services Mission to ISS postponed

The launch of Orbital Science Corporation's Cygnus was postponed by NASA due to bad stormy weather. The launch has been re-scheduled to Sunday now.

The launch was scheduled for Friday at 1:40 p.m. and the spacecraft was to provide supplies to the International Space Station (ISS) but the... read more

Amazon Seeks FAA Permission for Deliveries via Drones

Online retailer Amazon has asked Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) for permission to expand the test for drones the company plans to use for delivery of products in near future. The drone delivery system is still is research and testing phase.

Amazon has asked for permission to test... read more

Yahoo acquires Israel based video streaming startup RayV for undisclosed amount

Yahoo has acquired high-quality video streaming startup RayV for an undisclosed amount. The acquisition will improve the position of Yahoo in terms of video content streaming for mobile and desktop users.

Israel based RayV was founded in 2005 by Omer Luzzatti and Ofer Shem-Tov. The... read more

Developers expect Amazon Fire to liven up 3D Market

Mobile software makers have all their expectations on Amazon Inc. and its Fire phone to encourage demand for 3D devices and applications in the market.

The Fire phone from Amazon is one of its kinds as it has sensors that respond very quickly to how users hold, view or move the phone. It... read more

IBM plans to spend $3 billion on overhaul of computer chip technology

In a recent announcement, IBM has revealed that it has plans underway to revamp computer chip technology with a $3 billion investment, so as to make the technology increasingly capable of meeting modern demands of 'Big Data' and computing pushed to the Internet 'cloud.'

As a part of the... read more

Retailer Amazon sued by FTC over purchases by kids

Online retailer Amazon has been sued by the Federal Trade Commission after a recent report that the company charged millions of dollars in unauthorized transactions through mobile phone apps. The suit has been filed in U.S. District Court in Seattle as the retailer allowed kids to purchase... read more

On Wednesday, South Korean device maker Samsung announced its new Galaxy Tab S tablet which will be available in two versions --- an 8.4-inch model and a 10.5-inch model. The new Galaxy Tab S tablets will challenge Apple's iPad Air and iPad mini.

The 6.6mm Galaxy Tab S tablets - which... read more

EU antitrust officials questioning Facebook's rivals about WhatsApp acquisition

According to a Wall Street Journal (WSJ) report, antitrust officials at the European Union (EU) are looking into the Facebook social network's $19 billion acquisition of WhatsApp messaging service.

As per the report, the EU antitrust officials are seeking the views of Facebook's rivals,... read more

Russia Launches First New Design of Space Rocket Since Soviet Era

In a bid to free itself from relying on foreign suppliers and the launching pad from Kazakhstan for space missions, Russia has recently launched the Angara rocket. The launch took place on Wednesday from the northern military space port of Plesetsk.

The first attempt to launch the rocket... read more

Acura recalling 14,078 ILX vehicles in US due to faulty headlights

In a statement released on Tuesday, Japanese automaker Honda Motors' luxury automobile branch Acura said that it will issue a voluntary recall of 14,078 ILX vehicles in the US because of faulty headlights.

The ILX sedans being recalled by Acura are 2013-2014 models. While the affected... read more


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