WhatsApp hit by service outage for some users on New Year’s Eve

According to reports, Facebook-owned WhatsApp messaging service suffered an outage on Thursday, causing delays in the New Year Eve’s messages sent by users to their friends and family.

As per reports, connection issues with the WhatsApp service were witnessed by a number of users from all... read more

Gary Shapiro: Nearly 150,000 people likely to attend 2016 CES

With the 2016 International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) scheduled to kick off in Las Vegas next week, Gary Shapiro – the CEO of the show’s organizer Consumer Technology Association (CTA) – has revealed that nearly 150,000 people will attend the CES event this year.

The 2016 CES tech... read more

WhatsApp service outage for some users on New Year’s Eve

Facebook’s popular messaging service WhatsApp suffered an outage on Thursday, and remained erratically unavailable for a number of users for several hours. As a result of the WhatsApp service outage, New Year’s Eve messages for the affected users were delayed.

Problems with the WhatsApp... read more

AT&T acquires assets and some staff from Carrier IQ

According to a TechCrunch report, bigwig US wireless carrier AT&T has acquired the assets and some employees of phone-monitoring startup Carrier IQ. As a result of the move, Carrier IQ has effectively shut down.

The financial terms of the deal, under which AT&T has acquired the... read more

Valve: Personal data of nearly 34,000 Steam users revealed in recent DoS attack

According to a statement released by Valve on its website, the denial-of-service (DoS) attack which hit its Steam gaming platform on Christmas Day exposed sensitive personal data of nearly 34,000 users to other users.

Valve has already confirmed that Steam gaming platform was hit by a DoS... read more

Twitter criticized for appointing ‘white’ Jeffrey Siminoff as new Diversity chief

With Twitter already facing a lot off criticism for the lack of diversity in its workforce, the company has now triggered a new controversy with its recent announcement that it has hired a 'white' man -- ex-Apple executive Jeffrey Siminoff -- as its new VP for Diversity and Inclusion.

... read more

Arca Space Corp unveils real hoverboard – ‘ArcaBoard’

Arca Space Corporation has launched an actual hoverboard called ‘ArcaBoard,’ which is a mattress-sized flying machine that gives riders the ability to surf on the thrust of 36 high-speed docket fans.

The fans, spinning at 45,000 rotations a minute, enable the ArcaBoard to ascend... read more

Final Fantasy XIII character ‘Lightning’ models for Louis Vuitton’s ‘Series 4’ collection

New ads for Louis Vuitton's ‘Series 4’ line feature Final Fantasy XIII's key character ‘Lightning;’ thereby indicating that the geek chic will be the face of French fashion icon's spring-summer 2016 campaign.

Lightning is one of the main characters from the Final Fantasy XIII game as well... read more

Comcast installs DOCSIS 3.1 modem on customer-facing network in Philadelphia

In an announcement made on December 22, cable giant Comcast said that it has efforts underway to roll out a new network offering gigabit Internet speeds in the Philadelphia area. The new network is dubbed DOCSIS 3.1 (Data Over Cable Service Interface Specification 3.1).

According to... read more

Latest Version of Google Glass Hits FCC Filing with High-Resolution Images

Latest version of Google’s Glass Explorer program recently published in FCC provides detailed description of the Google Glass with high resolution images of the device. The images show a Google Glass unit with the FCCID ‘A4R­-GG1’ that looks a lot like the existing Glass design. The interesting... read more

Ashley Madison has added 4 million users since its massive hack this summer

According to a rolling count on infidelity dating site Ashley Madison’s home page, the user base of the site has increased by nearly 4 million users ever since the massive data breach earlier this year.

The rolling count on the Ashley Madison homepage has revealed that the infidelity... read more

German researchers detail North Korea’s Red Star OS

At a conference held this past weekend, two German researchers Niklaus Schiess and Florian Grunow detailed North Korea’s homegrown computer operating system, Red Star OS.

The Red Star OS is a Linux distro – featuring a design ‘inspired’ by Apple’s Mac OS X – which underscores North Korea’... read more


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Comcast installs DOCSIS 3.1 modem on customer-facing network in Philadelphia

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