Retail Gas prices fall despite recent rise in crude oil

The retail gasoline prices declined by 5 cents on an average for the week ended April 10. The refineries are currently holding massive inventory and despite rise in crude oil prices, the retail gas prices have remained low across the United States.

In the Lundberg Survey, the data... read more

Oil Prices drop again as inventories pile up and production remains strong

Crude oil prices ended the week lower after reports of high inventories and strong production from the North American region emerged. The International Energy Agency (IEA) report indicated that the recent jump in the crude prices may not sustain as the production is higher than demand. Paris-... read more

Wind energy could meet 35% of US electricity demand

According to the Obama administration, the US could meet 35% of its electricity demand from wind power by 2050. The data has been revealed in a report released on Thursday. The amount of wind power is already increasing in the US; it is accountable for 30% of recently installed electricity-... read more

Community Solar Gardens Gaining Popularity in US

A new concept in renewable energy has gained immense popularity in the United States in the recent times. As per the new concept, customers who find installation of solar panels expensive or impractical, can buy green energy.

The Community solar gardens started in Colorado a few years... read more

US Senate Passes Keystone XL project

After weeks of debate and discussion, a bill to approve the controversial Keystone XL pipeline has been passed in the US Senate. Now, the bill would be sent to President Barack Obama for a likely veto.

Earlier, the White House announced that Mr. Obama will veto the bill. The 875-mile... read more

Schlumberger announces 7% Workforce Cutback due to decline in crude oil

In the wake of dwindling crude oil prices, the world's biggest oilfield-services company, Schlumberger Ltd., has decided to cut 9,000 jobs and reduce costs at a vessels unit. After anticipating lower spending by customers in 2015, the company resorted to reduce the workforce by 7.1% in addition... read more

US President to Announce Plans to Curb Methane Gas Emissions from Oil and Gas Industry

It has been found that President Obama most likely this week will be announcing a plan to reduce the methane gas emissions from oil and gas industry.

Methane, which is a major component for natural gas, accounts for almost 9% of the total greenhouse gas emissions in the United States. It... read more

Drop in Idaho’s Average Gas Prices

An average price of $2.22 per gallon has been paid by Idahoans for regular grade gasoline, which is the lowest level since May 2009.

"Consumers are benefitting from plummeting gasoline prices. That's been great for Idahoans who had been paying among the nation's highest prices for six... read more

Decline in use of oil rigs with drop in oil prices

Fall in oil prices below $55 a barrel is the lowest level in five years. The fall in oil prices has led US oil drillers to stop using the most rigs since 2012. According to website of Baker Hughes, the rigs targeting oil decreased by 37 to 1,499 in the week which ended on December 26, the lowest... read more

Natural Gas Prices drop due to Mild Cold Weather and Plentiful Supplies

Analysts expect prices of natural gas, the nation's most prevalent heating fuel, to stay low. The low prices will eventually be followed by lower electricity and heating costs in the coming months.

The price of natural gas has dropped 29% in a month, to $3.17 per 1,000 cubic feet on... read more

American Motorists benefitted by Falling Oil Prices

Continuing fall in the prices of oil in the international market provided Americans an advanced Christmas present. It has been reported that the average price of regular gasoline has dropped 25 cents to $2.47 a gallon across the nation in past two weeks.

According to the latest survey of... read more

Lockheed Martin's secretive Skunk Works unit is developing truck-size fusion reactor

American global defense and aerospace firm Lockheed Martin's secretive Skunk Works unit has announced that it is developing a reactor to harness nuclear fusion, the process that powers the sun.

An internal team working at the company's top secret development facility stated that they... read more


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