VW reveals that it understated fuel usage of 800,000 cars sold in Europe

In an announcement which deepens the crisis at bigwig German automaker Volkswagen (VW), the automaker revealed on Tuesday that fuel consumption of some of its vehicles sold in Europe had been understated.

According to the announcement, VW – which is already dealing with an emission-... read more

GM, Honda extend their Takata airbag recall to newest models

Two bigwig automakers – General Motors (GM) and Honda – have recently extended their Takata airbag recall to the newest models. The newly-issued recalls by the two automakers affect some of their 2015 and 2016 models.

The latest vehicle recalls issued by GM and Honda indicate that the... read more

Porsche unveils its latest small crossover model --- Macan GTS

Automaker Porsche has announced the newest model of its small crossover, the Macan GTS. The vehicle combines the best features of Porsche’s two earlier models -- the Macan S and the Macan Turbo.

Unveiling the Macan GTS, Porsche said that it will commence the sales of the vehicle in March... read more

Mazda unveils rotary engine-equipped RX-Vision concept

At the Tokyo Motor Show on Tuesday, Japanese automaker Mazda unveiled its new sports-car concept equipped with a rotary engine. The new concept is officially called the RX-Vision concept.

The unveiling of the RX-Vision concept by Mazda marks the return of the triangular-designed rotary... read more

NHTSA may ask non-dealer repair shops to help with Takata airbag recall work

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) officials said last week that the services of independent repair shops may be sought to deal with the massive Takata airbag recall, which affects nearly 23 million vehicles manufactured by 12 automakers.

The Takata airbag recall... read more

German Transport Minister to discuss VW emissions scandal with US counterpart

According to a Reuters report citing the information forwarded by two unidentified sources at the German Transport Ministry, discussions about the Volkswagen (VW) diesel emissions scandal will be held between German Transport Minister Alexander Dobrindt and his US counterpart, Anthony Foxx.... read more

VW offices in France searched in connection with emissions scandal

According to a Sunday statement released by the Paris prosecutor’s office, the French police raided German automaker Volkswagen’s (VW) offices in France.

The raids at VW offices were carried out as part of an ongoing probe into VW’s cheating on diesel vehicle emissions tests. A... read more

FTC investigating VW for advertising claims for cars marketed as “clean diesels”

The US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has initiated an investigation into German automaker Volkswagen (VW)’s advertising claims that its diesel vehicles were “clean diesels,” even though the company had deliberately rigged the vehicles to cheat emission tests.

VW’s ‘diesel emissions... read more

Two RGJ employees allegedly trespassed on Tesla’s Gigafactory grounds

According to a blog post published by electric vehicle manufacturer Tesla Motors on Tuesday, two Reno Gazette-Journal (RGJ) employees trespassed on the automaker’s still-under-construction Gigafactory grounds last Friday morning. The Gigafactory is Tesla's lithium-ion battery plant outside... read more

Daimler tests its first self-driving truck on German highway A8

Bigwig German automaker Daimler successfully tested its first self-driving truck -- a Mercedes-Benz Actros -- on public roads on October 2. The trial run of the self-driving truck was carried out on the busy German highway A8.

The self-driving Mercedes-Benz Actros truck, which is equipped... read more

VW CEO Martin Winterkorn steps down amid emission scandal

German automaker Volkswagen (VW)'s CEO Martin Winterkorn has stepped down amid the company's emission scandal. The automaker allegedly rigged the vehicle emissions tests in the US to enable its diesel cars to pass the tests.

Though VW has admitted using "defeat device" software on its... read more

Honda receives permission from California DMV to run self-driving cars on public roads

The California Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) has given its approval to Honda Motor Co to run its self-driving vehicles on public roads in the state.

The permission which Honda has received from the California DMV means that the company can bring its autonomous cars out for testing... read more


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