System for Regulating Biotech Products to get Makeover

A lot of debates and discussions are taking place over whether or not genetically modified (GMO) crops should be labeled. Amidst this discussion, the White House has asked the three US agencies taking care of biotech crops that they should improve their measures to strengthen public confidence... read more

Farmers agree to water cuts in drought-stricken California

California farmers have avoided the threat of deep mandatory cuts as the state has accepted their proposal to voluntarily reduce 25% consumption amid one of the worst droughts on record. California farmers hold some of the state's strongest water rights.

Officials are hoping that the deal... read more

Highly pathogenic H5 avian flu found at five more farms in Iowa

According to Iowa's agriculture department, the highly pathogenic H5 avian flu found in first tests at five more farms in Iowa. It involves commercial egg operation that houses up to 5.5 million birds.

Additional tests are in progress at a US Department of Agriculture laboratory. If the... read more

On Thursday, the California officials reported that they will take steps to restrict the use of chlorpyrifos, an insecticide that is widely sprayed on most of the state's crops. The regulators are not going in for a full ban on the use of this pesticide, instead they are planning to propose... read more

Russia’s import ban on U.S. farm products won’t affect Calif. growers: expert says

Russia's ban on food imports from the United States, Canada and other western countries will not have a major impact on California farmers, an expert assured.

Director Dan Sumner, of the University of California Agricultural Issues Center, pointed out that Russia is not a big purchaser of... read more

California farm wells can run dry next year: UC study

Farmers in some of the hardest drought hit areas of California could see their farm wells run dry as soon as next year, researchers at the University of California's Center for Watershed Sciences warned.

In a fresh study, released on Tuesday, the researchers painted a bleak picture of the... read more

Rodenticides killing California hawks

The widespread use of rodenticides, which are used across the United States to kill rodents, is indirectly also responsible for the declining number of California hawks.

Researchers noted that many of the rodenticides are designed to act slowly so that a rat and mouse eat it, returns to... read more

Mathematicians helping farmers to grow more strawberries

Mathematicians are helping farmers in boosting strawberry and raspberry production in drought-hit Southern California by educating them about how to make the best use of the limited water.

In the berry-producing Parajo Valley, experts in mathematics are suggesting numerical modeling or... read more

Environmentalists sue DPR for approving honeybee-killing pesticides

Three environmental & food safety nonprofits have filed a lawsuit against the California Department of Pesticide Regulation (DPR), alleging that the department approved some new pesticides without ensuring that the pesticides are safe.

In the documents filed in a California Superior... read more

PED forces California State Fair to close piglet exhibition this year

A viral epidemic that has killed several million pigs across the United States forced organizers of the California State Fair's popular piglet exhibition to close the event this year.

The nasty Porcine Epidemic Diarrhea (PED) virus that spread through fecal matter has so far affected as... read more

California fast-food restaurants hiking prices as drought persists

Fast-food restaurants like In-N-Out Burger are increasing the prices of hamburgers and other products as California's persistent drought is pushing the prices of raw materials up.

According to the U. S. Department of Agriculture, beef prices will likely increase 5.5 to 6.5 per cent this... read more

Tourists have interest to connect with Calif. farmers & ranchers: Karen Ross

The variety of foods produced in California generate interest around the world, and many tourists visit the state's farms, dairies and ranches to meet farmers and know how foods are produced, Secretary of Agriculture Karen Ross said.

Promoting California agritourism at Fresno State... read more


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